Guram Lomidze is famous Georgian musician and Singer. He is best known as a member of pop group “Street Boys”. Boy band exists since 1994 and has gained number of awards in Georgia and also in Eurpoe.  In 2002, they have been named as “Best Boy Band” in Music Festival held in Alicante, Spain.

   After the years, today “Street Boys” are very popular in Georgia, they travel around the world with music tours in USA and in different countries.

Guram lives in Chicago and continues his solo career there, every summer he visits Georgia and joins “Street Boys” tourneys.

Guram chose Talizi clinic for his hair treatment, he has arrived to our clinic together with his friends from USA for undergoing hair transplant procedure. It is already 8 months since December 2018 and his result looks perfectly natural. 2800 grafts has been transplanted using Follicular Unit Extraction method for his hair loss case.  

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