I am a painter and art is my hobby from my childhood. Most of my time I devote to my profession,

 I feel to be lucky as my work is source for my inspiration and that I found a job which I really love.

    Not all turns came to be lucky for me, as it happens in life. My hair started thinning in my early ages; At the beginning it seemed to be less obvious, I could camouflage lost hair with different hairstyles or my baseball cap, but later on when I lost most of my hair, I understood, that hair restoration was the only option for me to help.

   Exactly as one would behave in my case, I started searching for hair clinics. From all other options from different countries, Talizi clinic appeared to be more attractive for me. 20 years successful practice experience in the field and all positive feedbacks on international hair forums appeared to be the main reason for me to book my first consultation with doctor.

  Indeed my hair transplant result exceeded my expectations! It is already more than 8 months from my procedure and my hair looks way more full and natural. Talizi clinic is a place, where every patient is treated in a very exclusive way, while art work appears to be their main passion not only in everyday life, but also for all hair restoration procedures.  

    Sometimes, as in my young ages, I wonder around my old city districts… Suddenly I find new magical view of my city and fall in love again. This is how everything starts from all the beginning and how my works find their body in life. Compared to old times, now I feel more confident and I think, that Talizi clinic has part of the merit in my successes story.

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