FUE Method

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is minimally invasive surgical method when individual follicular units are removed directly from donor area without slits and sutures. Main advantage of FUE method is minimal scaring, never leaving any linear scar in the donor area.

Surgeon extracts each graft separately with a specialized punch 0.75-1.0 mm in diameter that does not leave visible scaring. Using a tiny one-millimeter in diameter (or less) instrument, the physician will remove individual follicular units from the patient’s scalp. The device makes a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit to isolate the graft. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp using a tweezers-like instrument, and then prepared for placement by skilled Talizi clinic technicians. Working with high-powered stereo microscopes, these specially trained technicians isolate, prepare and ensure that the follicular grafts remain in optimal condition. Follicular units are arranged into groups depending on the number of hairs contained within each follicle (1-4 hairs are commonly found within each follicle). Implantation of these follicular units represents artistry for Talizi clinic’s natural-looking results.

Use of this method is recommended for II–V Norwood classes. FUE hair transplant method is also highly suited to posttraumatic and post-burn scars as well as the restoration of beard or eyebrows.

In cases where the donor area has insufficient stock for a full strip transplant, the FUE method allows harvesting of additional grafts from different parts of body (chest, feet, back, etc.) and combination of different methods give us possibility to maximize number of donor follicles in case of advance stages of the hair loss.

At our clinic we are able to transplant up to 4000 grafts with FUE method in one, 4-5 hour session. For today we are offering small FUE sessions – up to 1500 grafts without trimming the hairs.

Benefits of  Talizi Clinic FUE Hair Transplant Procedure


  • No stitches; donor area appears mostly unchanged within several days
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive technique
  • Natural-looking and permanent results
  • Fast recovery; many patients return to normal lifestyle from the next day