28th annual conference of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) took place on dates 18-25 October, 2020. Conference represents to be the biggest event of the year in the field of hair restoration. Compared to previous years, this year’s meeting took place online due to Covid 19 pandemic. More than 700 participants around the world attended ISHRS 2020 online meeting.

     Conference was interesting with innovative topics, this year’s highlight of the meeting was dedicated to stem cells and regenerative medicine, invited featured guest speakers presented newest findings and achievements of their studies in hair stem cells and hair follicle regenerative medicine.

      As every year, Talizi clinic was part of the big event, Head of Training Department Dr. Salome Vadachkoria has presented for General session devoted to regenerative medicine and implanters. Her talk was devoted to successful results of new study carried by Dr, Nino Vadachkoria and Dr. Salome Vadachkoria in leadership of clinic Talizi director Dr. Vazha vadachkoria- innovative treatment of androgenetic alopecia by inducing hair stem cell stimulation and hair growth innovative method with tremendous improvement results shown in small group of patients. Additional studies go on and we hope to offer newly patented minimally invasive hair loss treatment option to our patients in nearest future.

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