Talizi Hair Transplant Institute

It is already more than 10 years since Talizi hair transplant institute offers training programs in hair restoration for doctors and surgical assistants. We are proud, that most of the graduates of our training courses already became experts in the field of hair restoration and provide state of the art hair transplantation procedures worldwide. We have trained more than 300 doctors coming from different countries as in our training center, but also in different destinations during internationally organized workshops and training courses.

Our educational program in hair restoration is the only training program offering full time hands on live surgery training courses, we share our 20 year’s experience with our trainees. Students participate in all the steps of hair restoration surgeries under supervision of our expert hair transplant surgeons. We share everything in details and also provide post training support services for our graduates.

Duration of the full training course in hair restoration for beginner doctors is 2 weeks, during this time students have chance to participate and practice hands on live surgery training in hair restoration in all the steps of different methods and surgical cases. Training in Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular unit extraction (FUE), Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) and eyebrow restoration cases. We also have options for advanced courses with shorter durations for already practicing hair transplant surgeons, who need to improve their skills and practice in new methods.

Our program is unique as after finishing the course, graduates are able to directly start own practice. At the end of the education program students are able to perform one small case with preferred method independently with all the steps starting with preoperative consultation, planning and hairline design, finishing with anesthesia, donor hair harvesting, recipient site formation and finally with implantation. This gives more confidence to our students to start own practice in their clinics.

You can register for coming course dates below, or inform different preferable dates for your program and we will come back to you shortly with date confirmation and detailed information regarding the program.


Education Program for Doctors

This course includes:

  • Main principles of hair transplantation (theoretical course).
  • Hairline design and planning
  • Anesthesia
  • Harvesting donor material through the Follicular Units Extraction method (FUE).
  • Harvesting donor material through FUT method.
  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • A number of methods of material extraction in the ellipse form, using a one-lipped scalpel.
  • Trichophytic closure of a donor wound.
  • A range of techniques that ensures minimal scarring of donor wounds.
  • Creation of micro recipient sites for grafts (coronary and sagital micro-apertures; the use of micro-tools and needles for their creation).
  • Distribution of micro recipient sites.
  • Choosing right angles for recipient sites.
  • Management and control of the process of graft preparation and implantation

Education Program for Surgical Assistants

This course includes:

  • Hair graft preparation from a donor material under MEIJI 20x zoom stereo-microscopes.
  • Slivering – the isolation of 1.5–2 mm cross-section donor material for further processing.
  • Assistance during harvesting hair follicles by both FUT and FUE methods.
  • Graft implantation into micro recipient sites (different techniques- Forceps vs Implanters)
  • Providing assistance to the surgeon during creation of micro recipient sites
Coming Workshop Dates:

September 16-28      November 19-30
October 1-12             December 2-14

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